Legal name of the organization: Tekniker Eğitim Kültür Sağlık Vakfı (TEK-SAV )

English Name: Technician Education Culture Health Foundation (TEK-SAV)

Organization Type: Foundation, Non-Governmental and Non- Profit Organization

Establishment Year and Place: 08 March 1993, Ankara-Turkey

National ID: 2901 VAT Number: TR83300449605

Organization ID (For EU Project): E10174353

President of Foundation: Mr. Cemal Kutlu E-mail:

Address: Cetin Görgü Sokak, No:9, Daire:10, 06570 Maltepe - Çankaya - Ankara / Turkey

Web: , E-mail:

Mobile Phone and Whatsapp: +90 532 344 02 57

(Cemal Kutlu, President of TEK-SAV)


Mugla Office Address: Dalyan Mahallesi, Davran Caddesi, No:22-B, Ortaca, 48849 – Mugla- Turkey
Head of Muğla Office: Emre Koçak, E-mail:

TEK-SAV, Project Collaboration Subjects for National and EU Projects

1- Developing Youth Entrepreneurship Projects

2- NEET (Not in employment, education or training) Youth

3- Gender Equality in Vocational and Technical Education

4- Refugees and Immigrants based Educational Projects

5- Improving the Digital and Communication Skills of Older People

6-Developing Entrepreneurship Skills of Disadvantaged Women

7- Partnership in Erasmus + European Solidarity Cooperation (ESC) Projects after 2021

Implemented and On-Going EU Projects

1. Methodological Studies in the caring of the Old people and relation with VET


2. IF (Improved Future) Leonardo Da Vinci 2008-1-SE1-LEO05-00423

3. ENTREVET DE/08/LLP-LdV/TOI/147130 (Entrepreneurship Project)

4. Gender and Diversity in VET Project 2007 LLP-LdV-TOI-2007-RO-016

5. Empower Deprived Learners 2007 LLP-LdV/TOI/2007/NO/165.013

6. Better Building 2007 LLP-LDV-TOI-07-IT

7. INNOVET LLP-LdV-TOI-FI 16801 ( Entrepreneurship Project )

8. Guidelife 2006-SE/06/B/F/PP-161004

9. Juvenile Drop-Outs 2005-1650/20 GR2 LP

10. LENE+ (Learning Environments for NEET Entrepreneurship), 2019-2022, 2019-1-SE02-KA205-002430


Organizational Targets

1-Developing collaboration with Technical and Vocational Colleges (after high School) and Vocational Schools to make contribution Technical and Vocational Education.

2-Negotiating with relevant ministries, institutions and organizations to raise the status of graduates of Technical and Vocational Colleges and Vocational Schools and to protect their rights in the their business life.

3-Improving collaboration and communication platform of graduates Technical and Vocational colleges and Vocational High Schools after graduation,

4-Making contribution to raise the quality of Technical and Vocational Education and Entrepreneurship Training through grants from European Union and National Projects

5-Publishing TEK-SAV electronic magazine yearly and inform followers regularly via social media pages , Electronic magazine and meetings

6-Establishing Turkish Chamber of Higher technicians (TTO) in cooperation with non-governmental organizations working in the same field, by law and visiting related governmental officials to do it.

7-Building up TEK-SAV Foundation College or Training Center When we find the necessary financial resources and opportunities,

8- Becoming a reputable and reliable non-governmental organization in Turkey and then Europe in the field of vocational and Technical Education and Entrepreneurship Education by 2027.

Targets of European Union Projects Between 2021 -2026

European Union projects (Erasmus+, ESC and Civil Society Empowerment Projects)

1. Developing Entrepreneurship Climate for NEET , Unemployment Young People, Disadvantaged women and Elderly People by Non-Formal Training and Traineeship

2. Developing the required digital skills of old people ( 60 +) by using digital devices,

3. Developing Ideal Learning Environments for unskilled young people , disadvantaged women , young mothers Who are living in rural areas of cities and Low income regions for Education and Employment.

4. Developing the digital competencies of Vocational High School Teachers and Employees through Digital Learning Platforms and tools.

5. Training TVET Teachers on renewable energy and energy efficiency at daliy life,

6. Improving the awareness of professional and Technical Education students about the protection of the environment and protection of Clean Water Resources,

7. Providing training for low-income families to fight COVID 19 and similar epidemics

8. Encouraging Young People to be Active Citizens , defense of human rights, fight against racism and discrimination, protection of gender equality by using real life meetings and participating Social Media platforms.

TEK-SAV plans to develop and implement the above EU and National projects in cooperation with Vocational Schools, Training Centers, Entrepreneurs, Municipalities, Universities and Non-Governmental Organizations

This form is prepared on 27 June 2021 for possible Project partner organizations.